SFI Corona Update

A message from SFI 

Dear friends, The world is confronting the COVID-19 pandemic which has the harshest health effects on the most vulnerable. The economic effects, which are the results of this pandemic, are hitting the most vulnerable as well. These are the social groups that Social Finance Israel ("SFI”) has set as its mission, to support and uplift through our work with the Israeli government, NGO´s partners from the philanthropic community and impact investors.

We at SFI are determined now more than ever to fulfill our responsibility. Our confident that everyone will consider their roles in facing the challenges ahead. We are sharing SFI´s expertise, skills and network with all our partners in order to continue changing the world, especially now.

A more detailed update on each Social Investment Bond has been delivered to the investors and partners in each of our investments and the response has been overwhelmingly supportive.

We have seen impact investors around the world giving economic relief to the portfolio companies they are invested in. The investments that SFI manages do not need these measures as this time. On a more personal note, we are thinking of the tens of thousands of people whose lives have already been impacted by this outbreak.

Because of the updated restrictions by local government we have closed our office for the next few weeks. We are incredibly fortunate that our work can be done remotely, and we each have what we need in order to work from our homes, which we are doing in full capacity.

These are extraordinary times. Should you do need to contact us, please don´t hesitate to reach out. More than ever we see the need for all sectors: government, NGO´s, donors and investors to work together, and as this is our proven specialty. We plan on leading this effort.

I will be in close touch with you over the coming weeks. We are confident that we can pull through this together.

Best regards,

Yaron and the team of Social Finance Israel