Career Impact Bond

Career Impact Bond (CIB) is an outcomes-based model in which the individuals pays only when they receive placement in a high-income industry specific job. The model provides access to high-quality career training in relevant industries to people who face barriers to education and employment, while leveraging governmental or philanthropic grants.

1.     Impact investors, governments, or philanthropies provide catalytic capital that covers upfront training costs and critical support services for participants.
2.     Those who gain meaningful employment after graduation from training program, repay costs through income-based monthly payments over a specific period. Those who don´t achieve employment success pay nothing.
3.     This structure aligns incentives and ensures all parties are focused on learner success.

CIB in Israel

Heznek Haglil

This program was created by SFI aiming to accelerate the social mobility of young Druze to the high-tech industry. The training is performed by Appleseed thanks to a grant received by the Israeli Innovation Authority. Funding for the program development was provided by Mellanox Nvidia.

CIB in the world

Forward Fund

New Jersey Pay It Forward Fund is a public-private project, supplies professional training, mentoring and support for 30,000 men and women from low socioeconomic status. The participants pay the training cost only when they are employed in high-income jobs that suits their training and qualification.

Google Career Certificates Fund

100M USD fund launched as a collaboration between SFI and Google for training programs. The fund provides supplementary support services (ie transportation, translation) so that disadvantages group can more easily access and take advantage of Googles training programs and certification.


Career Impact Bond: the innovative model which ensures high-income job placement and retention

Career Impact Bond: the innovative model which ensures high-income job placement and retention

Druze in high-tech career path

Druze in high-tech career path

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