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Doron Livnat

Doron Livnat

Doron manages a group of family-owned international companies that specialize in rental of logistic sites and seaports, leasing construction-lifting equipment and investments.  Doron is a serial social entrepreneur who has had a hand  on education and long-term infrastructure projects such as Shanti House, Ayalim, Sapir Academic College, Matan Israel, Lishma Program, Or Association, 2048, Nalaga´at Center, Bialik Rogozin School and Peres Center for Peace.

He is the co-founder of Tovanot B´Hinuch (Insights in Education), the Weiss-Livnat center for Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa, "Access for All" (a the robotics program in Yeruham) and MAOZ, a fellowship of social change leaders in Israel that aims to strengthen Israel´s socio-economic resilience. 

Doron is also involved in social initiatives in Brazil, India, Africa and in the Netherlands, and is an active board member of various social organizations.

Doron earned a degree in economics, international commerce and logistics from DAV Bremen in Germany and is a graduate of the senior executive course (O.P.M) at Harvard Business School. Doron was awarded an honorary doctorate by Haifa University.