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Dr. Sigal Shelach

Dr. Sigal Shelach

Dr. Sigal Shelach is committed to improving the lives of all Israelis. Driven by a desire to understand how things work to make them better, Sigal knows the importance of asking the right questions. With her tenure as CEO of JDC Israel coinciding with the organization´s major strategic planning process, this focus will serve Sigal, and JDC, well.

Sigal holds an MA and PhD from Tel Aviv University´s Department of Labor Studies, specializing in employment and migration. After working for six years as a Senior Research Fellow at Israel´s Ministry of Economy and Industry she joined JDC in 2007 as Director of Minorities and Immigrants programs within its Israel Employment Initiative. In this role she brought about a sea change in employment services in the Arab-Israeli sector not least by forging relationships with a major philanthropic foundation and the Israeli Government.

In 2012, Sigal was promoted to Director and given overall responsibility for JDC´s efforts to help Israelis exit poverty through employment. She steered the Initiative toward providing tools for Israel´s ever evolving workforce. As Deputy Director of JDC-Israel since 2014, Sigal also applied her forward-thinking approach to shaping JDC´s overall strategy in Israel.

As the first CEO of JDC-Israel to have "risen through the ranks” of JDC´s field staff, Sigal is keen to actively involve her colleagues in planning for the organization´s future. "Our professionals´ connections to grassroots Israeli life are vital for generating postive change.”